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Minimalist Living | Decluttering | Sustainability

Awareness around environmental sustainability is growing, with many of us adopting lifestyle changes in order to address these concerns. What if there was a super-simple way to protect the Earth which is being completely overlooked? This blog explains how we can significantly improve the sustainability of our lives, simply by buying less.

When tackling a clear-out, it can feel wasteful to throw things away. Fortunately, many services, online platforms and apps can help our old stuff to find a second life. This blog is a rundown of some of the donating and re-selling methods available; what's good about them and the limit of their usefulness.

Just a couple of years ago, I set out to de-clutter my home and ended up discarding more than half of my possessions. Recognising that that I can live without so many of the things I'd been holding onto opened my mind to a new contentment. I discovered the joy of less and immeasurably improved my mental wellbeing, in ways I never anticipated....